PMSC Teams Successful at January Jaunt

(From January Jaunt Website)

PMSC members in Boldface

January 7, 2017– With −10° C temperatures, bright sunny weather during the day and a dusting of snow after dusk, the Toronto Autosport Club’s 58th anniversary January Jaunt navigational car rally kicked off 2017 to a good start. This first event of this year’s Ontario Road Rally Championship (ORRC) was an endurance style winter navex, with challenging instructions to keep navigators on their toes, and a selection of roads to entertain drivers. The first car left the tradtional start location at the Royal Coachman restaurant in Waterdown at 12:01 PM. The final car checked in at 8:19 PM; preliminary results were posted at 8:31 PM, and awards were handed out at 9:15 PM.

With a change in regional rules that eliminated the small Intermediate class, there was a record seven Expert teams competing. The instructions were challenging, with navigators reporting constant entertainment, and drivers enjoying some of the roads. A couple of teams added their own tricks to enhance the navigational “pleasure” of the event. Congratulations go out to first place Alain and Louis Cabardos (2016 ORRC series champions), and second place Chris Johnson and Brandon Pace (running Expert for the first time).

Nine Novices entered in 2017, including many beginner (first-time rallyist) crews. A Beginner’s Quick Start guide was distributed and co-organizer Nick Parry held a quick training session to help with navigation. All first-time crews held up to the challenge (with some reporting that the navigation “was a lot of fun”), and all made it to the finish without missing a single checkpoint, although the intricacies of rally timing was (intentionally) not the focus of first-timers. New rallyists should note that RallySport Ontario club membership is required to score in the series, and Novices can join one of the RSO clubs to score points retroactively from the Jaunt. (The clubs are BEMC, KWRC, MCO, MLRC, PMSC, SPDA, St. LAC or, of course, TAC.)

The top three Novices earned awards in the event. Returning Novices Andrew and Teresa Marek secured first place by a good margin. The Michigan-based team of Torry Skurski and Chris Holland placed second, and Kris Baily and Jacob Kirshner placed third.

As a challenging navigational event, we resurrected the “Press-On-Regardless” award to honour the team that perseveres at the rally, overcoming a significant challenge to finish the event. The team selected for this had trouble in the first leg, missing four checkpoints. They seemed very calm and collected at the break, and came back in the second leg with the lowest leg B score of anyone in the rally, although unfortunately still placing last overall. The 2017 POR recipients were Emile Cabardos, as “Most Persistent Driver”, and Jon Reid, the “Most Persistent Navigator”.

Thanks to all entrants, and workers. TAC checkpoint crews: Sandy Grant, Rachel Grant, and Dietmar Seelenmayer; Steve Martin; Brian Maxwell; Rob and Sue McAuley; Fred Walker and Jane Worobess (who also did a great job at registration); and Steve Van Rees (KWRC). The KWRC greencrew of Roger Sanderson and Dennis Wharton put in a lot of effort to review and suggest refinements to the instructions and speeds, which helped make the event manageable. And special thanks to co-organizer Nick Parry, and to Rita Moore and Dietmar for helping with administrative preparations for the event.

The next ORRC is coming up quickly: the KWRC Frostbite rally on February 21, organized by RSO VP Navigational Darin Mayes.

See you on the road!

Kurt Seelenmayer,