“CONGRATULATIONS” to Alain & Louis Cabardos of PMSC for their spectacular performance at MLRC’s Polar Bear Rally last weekend (February 18/19).

They ran the grueling overnight rally, which included more than 30 checkpoints, collecting a mere 1.3 minutes in penalties for top spot in Expert class. They ran Leg B with ZERO penalties for its 10 checkpoints.

PMSC’s Chris Johnson and navigator Brandon Pace of KWRC finished 5th in Expert with 8 penalty minutes.

Another member of PMSC and “Team Cabardos”, Emile and his navvie, John Reid, finished 3rd in Novice class with 10.1 penalties.

The Polar Bear result puts Alain and Louis at the top of the ORRC Expert Standings with 25 points in a tie with Jane and Bruce Leonard of MLRC.

Chris Johnson sits in 3rd overall while his navigator Brandon Pace is in 4th.

Emile Cabardos is sitting in 5th spot in Novice.

The next ORRC event is PMSC’s Spring Run Off Rally on April 29th.