Autocross or AutoX is controlled racing in a daily driver, learning and refining fundamental car control and competitive skills.


DISIPLINE WEB SITE pmsc.on.ca/autox/

What is the Minimum Age to Compete?

.16 years of age with a valid driver’s licence for the crew member listed as driver. Passengers (minimum age 12 years, minimum weight 36 kg or (80lbs) and minimum height
145 cm or (4’9”)) are permitted. For any participant (driver or passenger) under the age of majority of the province, a written permission signed by a parent or guardian must be provided.

What Kind of Cars are Acceptable?

Most entrants drive their cars to the venue and a valid driver’s license is requirements.. Your car must be in good mechanical condition and able to pass a basic technical inspection done at the event.

What Equipment Do I Need In the Car?

A helmet is required, conforming to at least SNELL M2005 specification. The club has loaner helmets, or you can borrow one from a friend, so newcomers can try out the sport first, and purchase their own helmet once they are hooked on the sport – which won’t take long!  Helmet Specifications
Participants must wear seatbelts – your car’s standard factory belts are fine.

How Can I Prepare for My First Autocross?

Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the course. Each driver will be provided an opportunity to walk or drive through the course, or to have a parade lap, prior to the first run.


AutoCross is a great way to get involved in improving your driving skills. It’s a timed competition where drivers navigate a pre-determined course outlined by pylons, being a great way to show off your driving skills. It’s driver against the clock. 

Regardless of your driving skills, AutoCross events are a lot of fun. Each event has a different course set up to challenge a driver’s skills. Course set-ups include hairpin turns, directional changes and flat out portions that will challenge any driver. AutoCross is a great way for beginners to test their driving skills. Novice and expert drivers are able to refine their driving skills and push themselves and their vehicles to the limit to get the best results. 

Check our calendar of events for our events and sign up. You won’t be disappointed. 

Next Steps

  • Contact an autocross organizer to answer any questions that you may have. Organizers can be found in the event sections of the site.
  • Signup for an event, also in the event sections of the site
  • Come early at least two hours before the first car is to leave as there either a parade or recce lap to drive the course and then immediately before the start there is a drivers meeting for last minute route and event information
  • Make it to the start point at least five minutes before your designated departure time
  • Start the event and have fun!