PMSC 2023 Auto X events will be held at Peterborough Speedway. The exception is one event at SSFC on July 2nd.

Event dates can be found under ‘Event Dates’

Entry Fee $40 PMSC Members $50 all others

Supporter of PMSC Auto X

Feel the need to “scratch an itch”?

Want to let loose some pent-up adrenaline?

The Peterborough Motor Sports Club (PMSC) has the cure.

It’s called “Auto-Cross” or “Auto Slalom”

(Sometimes called “Solo”)

No need for expensive racing car prep.

A “daily driver” is all you need.

Challenge the clock on a twisty parking lot pylon race course.

Sharpen your car handling abilities and become a better driver

And it’s all safe, legal and cheap!    

 See the schedule of events below…

Contact Auto X Manager Dan Demers