Can I Use My Daily Driver PMSC

For many events, Yes! Including:

  • Autocross
  • Navigational Rally
  • RallyCross

Autocross, Navigational Rally and RallyCross require very little in terms of vehicle requirements. In these types of events participants can use their daily driver so long as the vehicle is in good condition with good tires. For navigational rallies, vehicles must be plated and drivers must have a valid license and insurance as events are held on regular roads that are shared with other vehicular traffic. 

Notably, while for RallyCross you can use your daily driver it is important to note that courses for these events can be rough and muddy and there may be a chance that you could break down and not have a vehicle to drive home in. this is why many RallyCross competitors tow their vehicles to events to ensure they have a way to get home, while others choose to invest in a quality CAA membership! 

A daily driver cannot be used for RallySprint and Ice Racing rally events.

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By andrew / Administrator on Feb 17, 2020