PMSC Get Involved Volunteer

Attend a Club meeting. It’s all fun after that. Every event needs volunteers. The Peterborough Motorsports Club has a great group of members who pride themselves on volunteering at their own events and those of other clubs. Our members volunteer at Auto X, Navigational Rallies, Rally X events, Rally Sprints and at Performance Stage Rally events. Whether you want to volunteer or try a Navigational Rally, the club is here to help. If you are interested in participating in a Navigational Rally our members can help you find a driver or a navigator. 

Rally X  and Auto X events are also a great way to start learning how to drive. Both events are low cost and you can use a daily driver. Check out our calendar for the next event. 

If you are interested in Performance Stage Rally but don’t have the car or budget to participate, drivers are always looking for co-drivers. This may be a way to get involved in Stage Rally without breaking the bank. Volunteering is also a great way to participate in Stage Rally. Events such as Tall Pines in November require a substantial amount of volunteers. What a great way to help out and be close to the action!

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By andrew / Administrator on Feb 16, 2020