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The first step to getting involved in rally is to join the club. In Ontario there are several clubs that you can job depending on your geographical location and interests – you do not have to live near a club to join it. You can join the Peterborough Motor Sports Club by contact us here

Learn How to Rally

Navigational Rally are a great way to learn about the sport. Navigational rallies help to develop the basics of rally timing and instructions in a non competitive fun atmosphere.

RallyCross is next the perfect venue to essentially learn how to really drive. Courses are set up to allow participants to experience a variety of surfaces including gravel, mud and paved portions. Courses are designed to challenge drivers with hairpin turns, flat out portions and barrels and cones which come with penalties if knocked down. 

Rally Sprint is the step to performance rallying. Teams consist of a driver and navigator who combine driving and timing skills on a shorter version of a rally stage course. Rally Sprint is a great opportunity to experience a true taste of stage rally without the gruelling pace of a full fledged rally. 

The pinnacle of rallying is Performance Stage Rally. Events are designated as regional and national. National events include additional stages that are not run in at the regional level. Drivers and co-drivers combine their driving and timing skills to compete in the ultimate rally event. Vehicles must be approved by a technical inspection before they can compete. 

All of the events listed are sanctioned by CARS (Canadian Association for Rally Sport) – for more information please go to the CARS site at

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