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PMSC Rallycross Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

Rallycross or RallyX is perhaps the most fun you can have in a daily driver, while at the same time learning and refining fundamental car control and competitive skills. Please see more at PMSC’s dedicated Rallycross site by clicking here


DISIPLINE WEB SITE pmscrally.com/rx/

What is the Minimum Age to Compete?

16 years of age with a valid driver’s licence for the crew member listed as driver. Passengers (minimum age 16 years, with a minimum weight 36 kg or (80lbs) and minimum height
145 cm or (4’9”)) are permitted. For any participant (driver or passenger) under the age of majority of the province, a written permission signed by a parent or guardian must be provided.

Additional Vehicle Licensing Requirements

The following documents, valid on the day(s) of the event, must be presented at registration:
 Vehicle registration (if road licenced vehicle)
 When the owner of the vehicle is not entered as the driver or passenger, a written authorization from the owner of the vehicle
 For any participant (driver or passenger) under the age of majority of the province, a written permission signed by a parent or guardian

What Kind of Cars are Acceptable?

All vehicles must be based on production passenger cars or light trucks. Eligibility is restricted to vehicles based on street-licensable, closed-bodied passenger cars and light trucks. Non-production based vehicles that are of tube or box frame construction are explicitly forbidden.
Additional vehicle requirements include (the following is only an overview, please see the latest requirements at https://carsrally.ca/documents/competitors/) :
 All loose items in the vehicle must be removed during the event (including from the trunk).
 Snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts and trim rings must be removed.
 Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewalls.
 Mechanical condition and safety of the vehicle is the responsibility of the competitor.
 Vehicles must comply with noise limits as outlined in CARS Rules 12.4.4 – Lower noise limits may be set by an Organizer to satisfy local requirements.
 Open top (convertible) vehicles that are fitted with a hard top roof may be permitted to compete at the discretion of the Region Scrutineer. The Scrutineer must take into consideration the course topography, layout and conditions. Convertibles with neither hard top nor Roll Over Protection are not permitted to compete.
Starting in 2021 Mass-produced UTV’s including four-wheeled utility terrain vehicles, side-by-sides, and recreational off-highway vehicles are permitted.

What Equipment Do I Need In the Car?

Mandatory equipment includes (the following is only an overview, please see the latest requirements at https://carsrally.ca/documents/competitors/) :
 Helmets meeting 11.1.6 or bearing “Snell Memorial Foundation” M2005 or SA20005(or more recent) labels must be worn by all drivers, co-drivers and passengers. Helmets must be in good visible condition, with no visible defects or damage.
NOTE UTV.s have higher requirements for helmets.
 Minimum three point seat harnesses must be worn by drivers and passengers.
 Vehicles equipped with roll over protection must meet the requirements as specified in CARS Rules 28.3.3 (a) and (d).

How Can I Prepare for My First Rallycross?

Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the course. Each course is not not exceed 3 km long. Several courses may be run simultaneously. The course shall be arranged such that the maximum average speed for an average competitor shall not exceed 70 km/h and the maximum speed shall not exceed 100 km/h. The course shall be arranged such that it is clear of all heavy stationary objects. If this is not possible, tires, hay bales or other compressible barrier shall be used to minimize vehicle damage should contact occur. The course should be configured in such a way as to minimize the possibility of rollover. The use of chicanes (consisting of hay bales, pylons or similar soft materials) on straights of greater than 100 m is recommended. The use of jumps is not permitted. Organizers reserve the right to change the course configuration at any time during the competition should a portion of the course deteriorate. Marshals shall be placed such that all competing vehicles will be visible at all times while on the route. A stop box may be used at the end of a run. A time penalty of 10 seconds must be assessed if a vehicle does not stop within the box. Each driver will be provided an opportunity to walk or drive through the course, or to have a parade lap, prior to the first run.

How Important are Tires for Rallycross?

Extremely! Just like for competition rally events, the choice of tire will make a difference in whether you are competitive or not, Often competitors will change their tire choice throughout a competition to meet the changing traction requirements of the rallycross course. Please be advised that tires and rims are under heavy loads as in any motorsports competition, and should therefore be in good condition.


RallyX is considered to be an accessible form of rallying with no special vehicle or special participation license required. It is considered to be one of the most appealing forms of motorsports with no special safety equipment required other than a helmet that meets the CARS regulations. Events are held on a closed course which is mapped out by cones and barrels. Course surfaces can be mud, gravel, snow, ice and/or partially paved conditions. Vehicles do not have to be licensed. According to the Canadian Association of Rally Sport rules, rally cross is:

Rally Cross is an event where participants compete against the clock and total time taken over the

competitive sections of the event determines placing. Rally Cross can be a competitive level, but must, first

and foremost, be a training forum designed to accent the development of vehicle handling skills while limiting

both top and average speeds attainable by competitors.

CARS Rules 27.1 – https://carsrally.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/CARS-2020_ENG_Digital1_compressed1.pdf

Cars are classified into categories which include two wheel drive (“2wd”), four wheel drive naturally aspirated (“4wdN”) and four wheel drive forced induction (“4wdF”). Most events do not allow SUV’s or trucks due to a higher centre of gravity and as they tend to damage the course. Navigators are not needed but it is always fun to have someone in the silly seat, with most events allowing drivers to share vehicles. 

RallyX events are a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy driving on a course that can be challenging with hair pin turns, straights and barrels located in strategic places that can result in penalties if not navigated correctly at speed. Ultimately the fastest, penalty free driver wins the class. RallyX events are a great way to develop driving skills that will take you to the next desired level of competition. 

PMSC has several RallyX events that are run out of the Free Flow MX Park in Belleville Ontario. Check the calendar of events for more information.

Next Steps

  • Contact a rallycross organizer to answer any questions that you may have. Organizers can be found in the event sections of the site.
  • Signup for an event, also in the event sections of the site
  • Come early at least an hour and half before the first car is to leave as there either an opportunity to walk the course and/or a parade or reccee lap to drive the course and then immediately before the start there is a drivers meeting for last minute route and event information
  • Make it to the start point at least two to three minutes before your designated departure time
  • Start the event and have fun!